Our warehouse has been restocked with collections Siluetta and Colette from the Rosa Selvatica brand!

Dear partners!

Just the other day the Dimanche Lingerie warehouse was restocked with an assortment of lingerie collections — basic, smooth collection Siluetta (in a beige colour) for everyday wear and our lace collection Colette (in a blue colour) from the Rosa Selvatica brand.

Basic collection Siluetta for everyday.

The collection is made from smooth and silky microfiber. Thanks to modern technology, the amount of hooks have been reduced to a minimum — such an important indictor for extending the life of lingerie. The foam rubber was specifically designed for this line —softer and more flexible. While, the undies trim is made from a comfortable elastic band, making them barely noticeable under clothing. In the end the laconic design, perfect fit and a variety of models make the Siluetta collection a versatile option for a stylish woman.

It is released in classical colours of black, beige and white. These colours allow for a multitude of images to be created; from elegant and calm to eccentric and courageous.

Lace collection Colette.

Creates an image of a luxurious and femme fatale women, when she is wearing a set of lingerie from the Colette collection. This collection succumbs to its charming lace and floral pattern, which is made in a sophisticated technique; that emphasizes the smallest of details of the flowers and buds.

The use of seductive scarlet and mysterious blue shades; will help you change your image   according to your mood. While, a special touch of charm is added by the use of decorative bows with a pearl pendant attached to it.

Separately, we would like to note our hit seller from this collection – our lace body. Which is undoubtedly, one of the favorite accessories in every women’s wardrobe.

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