At the Dimanche Lingerie warehouse collection Sicilia is now on sale!

Dear partners!

We are continuing to restock our assortment of bras, undies, chemises and much more at our warehouse. That is why we would like to inform you, that today we received collection Sicilia from the Rosa Selvatica brand!

To view the catalogue of the new collection of Sicilia you can do it right here.

In the new collection of Sicilia, we have embodied the concept of luxurious glamor, which is reflected in every detail of the lingerie. All the models are made with a strict trim; delicately seasoned and contrasted with the highest quality of embroidery. The subtle notes of sexuality are seen from the addition of imitation lacing and the use of a thin satin ribbon — all this will leave a woman feeling unique and special.

Using the delightful combination of delicate embroidery with a twisted thread and a seductive nude coloured tulle; creates a lace tattoo effect o your skin. The collection is made in smoky rose colour.

Collection Sicilia includes:

  • push-up bra on a thin bridge with a gel filler;
  • push-up buste bra;
  • balconette bra with a soft cup;
  • two models of undies: Brazilian and panty.

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